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cygnus_beta's Journal

Cygnus Beta: The Fanfiction Correctional Facility
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Welcome to Cygnus Beta. This was designed to provide a community in which people could post their fic or fic snippets and know that they would receive honest criticism. The basic idea is that people who sign up for this join with the understanding that they will give constructive criticism to the other members. Please do not sign up if you are not prepared to do this.

There are no rules, as such, but please do follow simple livejournal etiquette, such as lj-cutting your stories, and not flaming other members. If you feel unhappy or angry with another member's post/comment, wait a day before replying. If you are still upset, e-mail me at aphedas@gmail.com, before you do anything else.

You may post anything you like, I'm not going to put any restrictions on that, but keep in mind that only the fandoms listed below are certain to be reviewed. If you wish to post your entries so they are visible only to community members, don't forget to set your security level as 'friends.'

Please introduce yourselves here, once your membership has been approved. It is important that you do this, as this is how the official fandoms for the group are kept track of.

Thanks and welcome!