Here again with a question:

As no one saw/answered this when I posted it in the DM+TBWL thread, I'll repost it here: I'm planning on reposting the prologue on with a few corrections according to the suggestions made here by aphedas and penknife. Would cygnus_beta like to be credited? I usually credit everyone who has helped me, be it with a thorough beta or just an idea or comment, but I like to ask first. If so, how? Just as cygnus_beta or with your names, aphedas and penknife, also?

I've also posted the first chapter on and this is the link:

So, if anybody would like to have a go at it...?

Will then submit will full credits (if OK) to Schnoogle. I won't touch the prologue on Schnoogle though for the time being, as the coders really hate to do it all over again soon after the first post. So, I'll wait until after the first chapter has been up there.

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Okay, I hope I did get this right. Am I the first poster? Slightly embarrassing... Well, I just plunge in, shall I? Here is the Prologue to my fic 'Draco Malfoy and The Brat Who Lived'. I'm basically retelling the books from Draco's POV. Have two chapters (First Year and Second Year) finished, of which the first is currently being betaed and the second is still a rough draft. The Prologue is up on Schnoogle and and has got very few, but positive reviews. I would very much like some serious concrit if anybody would be willing to give it. I cannot change my style, which is pretty much straightforward, but would like to know what is good, what is bad, what can be improved? Any suggestions?


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